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  • Date : Wed Jan 12, 2022
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Public Relations Office is reported
Signing a Memorandum of cooperation with chongqing jiaotong of China

According to the Public Relations of the Soil Conservation and Watershed Management Research Institute, ‌ In order to benefit from trade and scientific capacities, as well as synergy in order to increase efficiency and provide areas for scientific cooperation, ‌ research, ‌ executive and technology in specialized fields of water and soil conservation, a memorandum of coorporation between Chongqing Jiaotong University (China) and its research arm, Hainan Jingshi Energy Co. Limited and the Institute of Soil Conservation and Watershed Management was established This memorandum emphasizes the introduction, research and transfer of knowledge-based product technology (ODI) in order to improve and cultivate sandy soils and desert sands to produce plant material that affects the fertility of desert sands and to help desertification as a goal. In the signing ceremony of the memorandum, which was attended by Dr. Chen Chi and Dr. Boroujerdi on behalf of Hainan Company and Dr. Davood Nikkami, director of the research institute, along with Dr. Ziaoddin Shoaei, Dr. Foroud Sharifi, Dr. Abdolnabi Kolahchi and Engineer Amir Sarreshtehdari on behalf of the research institute. Negotiations were held to implement this memorandum.


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